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B2B Marketing & Sales Dinner

Sales is getting more and more complex, especially in fast-changing and knowledge intensive organizations. How do you make sure your salesforce always has the right sales materials, knowledge and is folllowing the right ‘playbook’ in order to meximize impact and sales? This is where sales enablement comes in! Align your marketing & sales in order to get the best results?

During this dinner you will learn everything on Sales Enablement and sales & marketing alignment!

We would love to meet you at the B2B Marketing & Sales Dinner on November 19, 2019. A must-attend event for marketing and sales leaders that want to be category leaders!

During this exclusive and high-level event, hosted by the worldwide leader in Sales Enablement: Highspot and Marketing Guys we will share the latest insights on how to enable your salesforce effectively in the time of information-overload and customers that might know your product even better than your salesforce.

We have the following presentations for you:

  • The state of Sales Enablement by Highspot
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment in practice by Marketing Guys

We have a maximum of 30 seats, so register now to be assured of your seat.

Note: The dinner is free for CMO’s, Marketing Managers and Sales Directors.


Richard Langham (Managing Director at Highspot)

The state of Sales Enablement

Take a deep dive into best practices and effective strategies for measuring sales enablement success across a variety of industries, markets, and company sizes and across performance, proficiency, and productivity.

Elias Crum (CEO at Marketing Guys)

Sales & Marketing Alignment in practice

During this session held by Elias Crum, you will have insight into the best practices of Sales Alignment. How do high performers generate growth using the right approach and which tooling do they use to make the difference?

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Unique and exclusive location in the center of the Netherlands

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This national monument provides inspiration and lifts every meeting to a higher level. We hope to see you there!

Hydeparklaan 10
3941 ZJ Doorn