3 Martech developments for 2021 – Dan McGaw, Founder @ McGaw.io

3 Martech developments for 2021 – Dan McGaw, Founder @ McGaw.io

2021 is around the corner. This year has gone so fast! Time to start looking at some trends for next year. A year that will be great from a martech perspective!

In this episode, Elias has a chat with Dan McGaw, the founder, and CEO at McGaw.io, an american martech consultancy from Orlando, Florida. Dan is an authority on martech stacking and servers clients worldwide in their marketing technology efforts. He’s also the author of the book ‘Build cool sh*t’: a blueprint to creating a marketing technology stack.

We discuss the following trends:

  • Personalization: you don’t have to be Amazon to be successful in personalization;
  • Sales technology: marketing and sales merge more and more together and technology both forces and helps in this;
  • Integrating your martech stack: most marketers have their technology in place. Now it’s time to integrate!

LinkedIn Dan McGaw: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielmcgaw/

Website McGaw.io: https://mcgaw.io/

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