Announcement new labels: CombiNexus en RevOps-Solutions

Announcement new labels: CombiNexus en RevOps-Solutions

Marketing Guys announces the launch of two new innovative labels: CombiNexus and RevOps-Solutions

Amersfoort, Netherlands, January 8, 2024 – Marketing Guys, the digital B2B marketing experts known for their strategic, result-oriented approach, are proud to announce today the launch of two innovative labels – CombiNexus and RevOps-Solutions. Designed to provide advanced, personalized technology solutions for sales and marketing departments, these new brands will change the way businesses operate.

CombiNexus, the first new label, addresses a growing trend in marketing – the need for seamless integration of sales and marketing tools. Standard solutions often do not meet all company-specific requirements, but CombiNexus was developed to bridge this gap. By combining its extensive experience in marketing technology with iPaas (integration platform as a service) standards, CombiNexus offers unprecedented flexibility and functionality, allowing companies to tailor their technology to their unique needs. Well-known customers like Sharp Electronics have already benefited from this personalized approach.


RevOps-Solutions, the second newly launched label, responds to a significant change in the sales arena. Research shows that modern customers prefer fewer initial interactions with salespeople, leading to a complex, nuanced buying journey. Despite these changes, sales departments have always stuck to standard CRM technology. With RevOps solutions, Marketing Guys aim to assist these teams in implementing advanced technologies. Services include recommendation of technology (including Seismic, Salesloft or HubSpot SalesHub), implementation, and support with successful implementation. B2B customers such as CounterCheck, Visma Software, Maxdoro and Horeko are already reaping the benefits of RevOps-Solutions’ innovative, strategic approach.


We are excited to expand our service offerings with CombiNexus and RevOps-Solutions, says Elias Crum, director at Marketing Guys. We view them as vital responses to current industry trends and customer needs, enabling companies to maximize their technology and operations.

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