Podcast: Best practices from a martech stack with 65 tools – Paul Johnson, Director of Marketing Technology at LogMeIn


The marketing technology stack at LogMeIn has over 65 tools in it: Paul Johnson is Director of Marketing Technology at LogMeIn (with brands like GoToWebinar, LastPass, and Join.me) and managing this stack. Almost any product the company offers is thriving now, because of the increased demand for remote working solutions because of COVID. As a result, the marketing technology for LogMeIn needs to be scalable and capable of dealing with millions of daily records. Luckily, Paul found some time to have a 30-minute chat with us! During the interview we discuss loads of topics, some of them include:

  • Which tools are in the LogMeIn Martech stack?
  • How does Marketo help LogMeIn to manage the peaks in demand?
  • Best practices in implementing marketing automation
  • Highlighted tools and platforms include: Marketo, Blueconic, DemandBase, Terminus and Sitecore
  • Some less well-known tools that Paul shares: Siftrock (acquired by Drift) and Vertify.

LinkedIn Paul Johnson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pcjohnson6/

Website LogMeIn: https://www.logmein.com/

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