Create emails faster with AI integration in Act-On Marketing Automation

Create emails faster with AI integration in Act-On Marketing Automation

AI makes life easier for marketers. Previously we shared an interview on the use of AnyWord AI on our Podcast. Today we want to feature the integration of AI with marketing automation, which helps marketers to create engaging emails within the application.

About Act-On and the Open AI integration

Act-On is a best-of-breed marketing automation platform with native integrations into all major CRMs. Marketing Guys is one of their global partners and we support organizations worldwide in reaching their goals, using Act-on.

One of the functionalities of the Act-On suite is email marketing. The Open AI integration was built for this and integrated into their message composer. Effectively it enables marketers to use AI-generated content to create entire emails, paragraphs, and/or subject lines. We have recorded a 3-minute demo that gives a full overview of the functionalities

The 3 benefits of AI integration in Act-On

The integration offers marketers 3 great advantages:

  1. No need to have your own ChatGPT/Open AI account: to use the ChatGPT functionality, you would typically need to have a login to the platform. Not everyone has (or wants) this. Because of the integration, you don’t need that login now.
  2. No copy/pasting from ChatGPT: of course, you can log in to ChatGPT, generate content, and copy/paste that piece. When you’ve done this before, you will know that this leads to many errors, because of the HTML that you are copying with that content. Lining, fonts, and spacing can be messed up dramatically. With the Act-On solution, the content is automatically and directly integrated into the emails.
  3. Prompt creation: when you’ve used ChatGPT, you know that you need to create the right prompt for (ask the right question to) ChatGPT. Act-On has built this in through a few drop-downs that ask you to indicate the type of content, indicate intent, tone of voice, and content length. This saves a lot of time for marketers.

Other uses of AI within Act-On

This is not the only use of AI that Act-On has integrated into its platform. Two other cool uses include:

  • Adaptive Sending: The feature enables you to send out an email campaign over a given period and Act-On will send each recipient their email at the time they a most likely to open it. This timing is a result of previous opens, web visits, and other behavior.
  • Predictive lead scoring (planned for summer 2023): lead scoring within marketing automation can be time-consuming and subjective. With predictive lead scoring, the platform does the work for you. Based on previous successful conversions and their patterns (behavior) Act-On predicts the lead scoring value, using AI.

Considering to implement or switching to another marketing automation platform?

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