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Apple announced its iOS 14.5 update (available as a beta for now), which includes a lot of updates, including privacy tracking limitations for app builders. This has a big impact on in-app advertising, like Facebook Ads. When you’re running Facebook Ads, you need to adjust your campaigns!

This is a topic we discuss with a Facebook Ads veteran: Bob Regnarus. Coach Bob Regnerus is the Co-Founder of Feedstories, a digital marketing expert, and author of five books, including the 4th Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising (Entrepreneur Press).

Bob shares his practical tips and tricks with host Elias Crum (CEO at Marketing Guys) and we discuss the following topics:

  • What is the iOS14 change all about?
  • What Facebook Ad categories are affected by the update?
  • How to adjust your Facebook Ads for iOS14
  • Strategies to be more successful with Facebook Ads

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