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Email marketing still is the #1 conversion channel for eCommerce businesses. Still, many eCom biz owners don’t know how to perform successful email campaigns, neither do they have strategies to build their lists, or do they have processes in place for email marketing.

In this episode, Elias has a chat with Tyler Sullivan or ‘Sully’, the founder of BombTech Golf. Sully built this from scratch into a multi-million dollar business in just over 5 years. Email marketing has been the real key to his success. Besides running BombTech he also owns a consultancy that helps eComm business owners in their online strategy.

 He shares some valuable insights in this podcast:

  • How and when to run successful email campaigns 
  • Things to consider when writing emails
  • How to grow your subscriber lists every day
  • Tooling to use for email marketing

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