How to schedule sales video meetings automatically in 3 steps

How to schedule sales video meetings automatically in 3 steps

How to schedule sales video meetings automatically in 3 steps

When you’re a B2B business with your sales team working remotely, and scheduling your sales calls by sending emails back and forth, you’re probably missing out on a lot of sales opportunities. Prospects are very busy and usually want to own the slots on their calendar themselves. A great solution is to have your prospects pick their own time on your calendar for a video call.

In this blog, we’ll explain in 3 steps how to set this up in under 30 minutes. Even better: when you’re already using Office365 or Google Calendar, it won’t cost you a dime!

The tools you need:

  1. Microsoft Office365 or Google Calendar
  2. Drift Meetings
  3. A Zoom (or other video call service) account

Step 1: Open a Zoom Video Conferencing Account and find your personal meeting room

When you don’t have a Zoom account yet, open one for free at . This will enable you to have free meetings of up to 40 minutes each. If you need more, you can always upgrade. When you’re signed in, you’ll also be provided a ‘personal meeting ID’. This is a static ID with a fixed URL that you’ll always be able to hold meetings in. The address of your personal meeting can be found in your profile, as shown below:

Step 2: Open a Drift Meeting account and set up your meeting

Drift is a conversational marketing software solution. That solution comes with a free meeting scheduling solution: Drift Meeting. You can sign up for a free account here:

Once you’ve signed up for Drift, login and navigate to ‘Meetings’:

In this section, you’ll be able to set up different types of meetings. In my case, I’ve added a 30-minute video or phone call and a 60-minute podcast interview. Let’s take the 30-minute video call. When you configure this, you need to make sure to add your Zoom personal meeting ID to the meeting settings. This link will be added to the invite which will be sent after scheduling a meeting. People will see the url pop up in their calendar automatically, so they know where to log in once the meeting takes place:

Step 3: Connect your Outlouk365 or Google Calendar to Drift

Now that you’ve set up your meetings and your Drift account, you need to connect it to your calendar (being Outlook 365 or Google Calendar). That’s an easy last step to take in Drift. Just navigate to the ‘Calendar setting’ in the ‘Meeting’ section in your Drift account and scroll down to ‘Connected Calendar’ to automatically connect yours:

Now you’re all set to go! Of course, don’t forget to add this to your email signature and use it as a call to action on your website. As an example I’ve added my profile below. Just click the button below and see how it works:

Bonus tip: send invitations through LinkedIn using ‘pick your time to schedule a video call’

LinkedIn is used for prospecting by tons of people. You’ll get emails and InMails asking for “…some time next week to discuss” or “ you have some time for a call?”. A way better conversion rate can be achieved when you’re adding the Drift link to your email. Prospects can choose themselves to schedule a meeting at their convenience. Psychologically you’ll have a big advantage to others that claim time. An example:

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