Is marketing for law firms and attorneys even legal? The only reference on marketing for law firms I had, comes from the hit series ‘Better Call Saul’ and some John Grisham legal thrillers. In real life, this seems to be completely different.

But in this episode, Elias has an interview with Charley Mann who is Lead Coach at (Ben Glass’s) Great Legal Marketing. He explains how law firm owners can start working on their business instead of in their business and explains how digital and inbound marketing play a big role in this.

Charley came from far outside the business world after majoring in theater before he started to work for his mentor and now friend, Ben Glass, and finding a passion for entrepreneurship. Through Great Legal Marketing, Charley has a select group of private clients, runs mastermind groups, and develops leading courses and training for the seriously ambitious and entrepreneurial six/ seven-figure firm owners.

During the chat we discuss the following topics:

  • How to use digital marketing in a law firm
  • How to identify your ideal client
  • Tips on lead generation for law firms
  • Different examples of how to become a thought leader to your audience
  • Ways to build a marketing funnel in the legal field
  • Examples of marketing tech tools to use to become the best in your field

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