“It’s not about technology, but all about evolutionary psychology!” is one of the many quotes by Tim Ash in this podcast. Tim is a keynote speaker, advisor, and author of the book ‘Unleash your Primal Brain’ which is the only book on evolutionary psychology that actually reads like a novel.

People are not a rational as many marketers think they are or want them to be. Knowing that, means that as a marketer it’s essential to have knowledge on how the primal brain actually works in order to succeed. The book and this podcast will give you great guidance on this. We discuss things like:

  • Why the primal brain is so important to marketers
  • How to motivate people to consider you as a vendor
  • The use of neuromarketing
  • How to be more primal by focusing on your habits

LinkedIn Tim Ash: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timash/

Personal Website: https://timash.com/

Website Primal Brain: https://primalbrain.com/

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