Marketing Guys sees international opportunities and opens an office in Germany

Marketing Guys sees international opportunities and opens an office in Germany

Marketing Guys sees international opportunities and opens an office in Germany

Marketing Guys Düsseldorf

For years, Marketing Guys has been helping organisations grow in brand awareness, qualitative leads and turnover, and enables customers to demonstrate their Marketing ROI. It has been doing this for organisations in the Netherlands for almost ten years and in recent years, in Germany, England and Scandinavia. In order to continue and expand its growth strategy in Europe, Marketing Guys will open an office in Düsseldorf in December 2020.

A lot of potential for marketing technology in German market

Germany is a logical choice for Marketing Guys. ‘The market in Germany is big, the demand for a marketing technology partner (MarTech) is growing and there are relatively few players who answer this demand in Germany,’ Elias Crum, CEO and founder of Marketing Guys said.

Spending on marketing technology continues to rise

The demand for MarTech and MarTech agencies continuing to grow was also recently confirmed by Gartner’s annual survey of CMO spending. Despite, or thanks to, the coronavirus crisis this year, MarTech remains an important expense item and CMOs will see this increase in the coming years. No less than 68% (!) indicate that they will invest more in MarTech.

The role of marketer becomes more technical and analytical

The growth of MarTech can be well explained and on par with the changing role of marketers. In the past, marketers were usually creative, had copy writing and organisational skills. Nowadays, a lot more is expected of marketers in the field of analysis and technology. This is due to the amount of data that is collected and has to be interpreted. In addition, marketers use an average of 24 tools, so it is expected that you can deal with these and use them to achieve success.

Focus on marketing technology a conscious choice

Over the years, Marketing Guys has developed from a full-service online marketing agency into a MarTech agency. ‘We want to be distinctive and believe that marketing technology, but also more and more sales technology, is the future. We specialise in the use of data, marketing tools and the analysis of results. Simple advertising campaigns, content creation or events are important for marketers, but that’s not where our focus lies. We see that we can make the difference in automating processes and deploying data,’ according to Elias Crum.

Marketing Guys is ambitious and has big plans for the coming years. The spotlights are now on Germany and the Netherlands, but Northern, Central and Western Europe are on the roadmap! Elias Crum confirms: ‘We will continue until we are Europe’s number one MarTech agency’.

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