HubSpot has changed its pricing structure as of March 5, 2024. With it, they want the pricing to better reflect the benefits the users is experiencing. The main change is the move to a seat-based setup, which means there will be payments per user/seat.

This adjustment is the outcome of a process initiated in 2021, and accelerated by the growth of the platform, increasing competition and primary position of the Smart CRM.

Previously, the old pricing model was unaffordable for some smaller companies. With the new pricing strategy based on the number of users, more organizations can access HubSpot’s core features at an affordable cost. Bigger companies with a big budget might start paying more than before.

For new customers, this offers the flexibility to “pay for growth,” without having to invest heavily in HubSpot Hubs upfront.

In this way, the price remains more commensurate with the value HubSpot offers. So what exactly is going to change?

Sales and Service Hub Professional & Enterprise per seat

The base fee for HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub is in the past. Both Hubs can now be purchased per seat. If your sales team consists of 2 people, for example, the new model will save you €300 per month. The costs for an extra seat have increased:

  • Sales Hub Seat Professional seat now costs €100 per month
  • Sales Hub Seat Enterprise now costs €150 per month (was €120 per month).
  • Service Hub Seat Professional now costs €100 per month (was €80,- per month)
  • Service Hub Seat Enterprise now costs €130 per month (was €120 per month).

A Sales or Service Hub seat also provides access to all other Hubs (see core seats below).

Core and View only seats for all Hubs

HubSpot is abandoning the model where you can add unlimited users to the platform. This will be replaced by 2 types of ”seats”:

  • Core seat – Edit capabilities in all Hubs, but no access to the additional Sales and Service Hub functionalities. Each Hub (Starter, Pro and Enterprise) comes with a standard number of core seats. The cost for an additional core seat depends on the highest Hub tier you purchase:
    • If all your Hubs are not higher than Starter then you pay €15,- per extra core seat.
    • If you have at least 1 Professional Hub, you pay €45,- per extra core seat.
    • Do you have at least 1 Hub Enterprise then you pay €75,- per extra core seat.
  • View-only seat – These seats are free and can be added without a limit. They give you access to all Hubs, but not editing rights. Designed for users who need access to data and reports without editing capabilities, such as C-Suite and executive level managers.
  • The Sales and Service Hub seats are core seats as described above, with access to the additional Sales or Service Hub functionalities. These include sequences, playbooks, customer portal, surveys, etc.
  • HubSpot partners, such as Marketing Guys, use the dedicated Partner seats. A Partner seat is only available to registered HubSpot partners and are free of charge. This gives a partner access to all functionality of the different Hubs including Sales and Service Hub.

Calculation example

Suppose you purchase Marketing Hub Enterprise and CMS Professional. Then you get:

  • 5 core seats (Enterprise) as part of Marketing Hub Enterprise
  • 3 core seats (Professional) as part of CMS Hub Professional

All 8 core seats have access to Marketing Hub Enterprise and to CMS Hub Professional. An additional core seat costs €75 because your highest tier Hub is Enterprise.

Starting Hubspot now available for less than €20!

Another important change is that for €20 per month you can purchase the entire HubSpot Suite (Starter Customer Platform) including 1000 marketing contacts. And of course the free tools remain available, only now with up to 5 users.

How does HubSpot compare to alternatives?

One of the reasons for the change is also to make comparisons with Salesforce or Dynamics easier. HubSpot, like these competitors, now offers the CRM and Service products on a seat basis with no base fee or minimum number of seats.

Another key difference is that a core seat in HubSpot provides access to all Hubs. With alternatives such as Salesforce, this is not the case and you have to match access to other products on a per-license basis.

Impact for existing HubSpot users

For now, the new pricing only applies to new customers who purchased HubSpot on or after March 5, 2024.

For existing customers, the new pricing model will be implemented at the next contract renewal. In doing so, HubSpot has already indicated that the price increase will never exceed 5%.

The next contract renewal will follow the new pricing model. But for a 3-year contract, this could be in 6 years.

HubSpot is going to notify all customers well in advance of when the new pricing will apply to them with the final pricing, giving you enough time to adjust the number of different seats.

For questions you can always mail or call us.

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