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Podcast: B2B online personalization – Kirsty Dawe, MD at Webeo


In this episode, Elias and Mark have an interview with Kirsty Dawe, Managing Director at Webeo, the global leading B2B website personalization software. Kirsty has a strong background in B2B marketing as she used to be the Managing Director of online marketing agency Really B2B in the UK. During the 50-minute interview, we talk about the following topics:

  • Different kinds of online personalization solutions
  • How to start your personalization efforts
  • How to measure success and ROI on online personalization
  • Practical examples of personalization cases
  • The martech stack used by Webeo (Salesforce, Hubspot, Webeo, Leadforensics)

LinkedIn Kirsty:

Website Webeo:

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