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As marketers, we’re not talking to customers as much as we used to. There’s an empathy gap between companies and customers. During this podcast, Elias and Mark have an interview with Michelle Huff, the CMO at UserTesting. We discuss how to bridge this gap, using marketing technology. Michelle has led different marketing teams at companies including Salesforce, Oracle and Act-On.

Marketing technology enables marketers to perform all kinds of tests. From A/B to split-URL tests can be done, using all kinds of tools. For every test, however, an assumption is done on why end-users prefer a specific version. What if you could get more human insights on why people actually prefer specific versions of your product or service? Also, instant feedback from customers could give you great insight into persona’s you’ve created. This is where UserTesting can help companies and Michelle explains how.

UserTesting is a fast-growing San Fransisco based company, and Michelle explains how her marketing team handles this growth and which tools she uses. Pratical tips for you as a listener.

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