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Podcast: Let your webinar be the ultimate lead generation machine


Whether you like it or not, tradeshows will not be back anytime soon. Nor will other bigger In-Person events. But especially within B2B marketing, these events tend to be bottom-of-funnel or even closing-events that are basically non-replaceable. Or are they? As a B2B marketer, you need to be prepared for this. During this 40 minute interview with Peter Bell, who is Commercial Director of Marketing at Adobe, we talk about how to effectively replace these events digitally. Peter speaks from experience, and he shares valuable insight into choices Adobe and Marketo made and he shares results as well. During the interview we discuss loads of topics, some of them include:

  • Examples of meaningful replacements of In-Person events
  • How to measure for success using a lead-to-revenue model
  • Multi-touch attribution and it’s meaning in the ROI calculation
  • The importance of creativity of an online production to offer a quality experience

Peter uses the Opportunity Influence Analyzer report, which he mentions during the interview (link:

LinkedIn Peter Bell: Website Adobe / Marketo: and


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