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Podcast: Let your webinar be the ultimate lead generation machine


In this podcast episode, we share with you how to organize a lead generation webinar that generates qualified leads in 7 steps. Elias and Mark have a chat together about the experiences of the last couple of months, in which it seems that the world has been turned upside down. We want to share with you some winning tips on how to grow your business, even during these times! The 7 steps for organizing a successful lead generation webinar include:

    1. Setting KPI’s, define the target audience and select tooling
    2. Subject, time and content to share
    3. Promotion plan
    4. Prepare and rehearse your webinar
    5. Create engagement and interaction for lead qualification
    6. Define an offer they can’t refuse (CTA)
    7. Follow-up plan with Sales and Marketing

  We’re organizing a webinar ourselves on this topic on July 2nd, 2020, feel free to register here:   If you want to be on this podcast or would like to know more about Marketing Technology, visit our website at or contact Elias Crum at