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In this episode, Elias a chat with Jake Braly, VP of marketing at Highspot. Jake has an extensive background at both corporate companies and start-ups. During the 2 years that he’s been VP of marketing at Highspot now, the company tripled in size, from around 95 to 300 employees.

Highspot is hot in the marketing technology space at the moment. Why is that, and how do Jake and his team cope with that? First of all, he explains what sales enablement software actually is and how it helps companies in being successful. Jake shares insights on how to build the best marketing technology stack, how to grow your team and on which tools he’s using for Highspot’s own marketing. They have a big focus on ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and Jake shares his experiences there.

At Highspot, the Marketo automation software solution is being used. Jake explains how this is integrated into their marketing and how it could be connected to LinkedIn and their chatbot solution.

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