Revenue Marketing Series (3 of 9): How to attract the right leads with Google Ads

Revenue Marketing Series (3 of 9): How to attract the right leads with Google Ads

Stop wasting your marketing budget and start investing in real prospects. Listen to 9 podcasts about how to attract the right leads, how to qualify them, and say no to misfits. Learn about staying on top of mind with the right leads and how to close deals faster.

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Episode 3:

Trained as a helicopter pilot in the UK, Mike soon realized that being an ‘air-taxi driver’ was not going to be his future. Mike loves helping businesses grow and was one of the first people that started using Google Ads as a profitable lead generator. He now lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is the founder and CEO of WebSavvy and author of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords’.

During this interview we discuss:

  • How to get in front of the right people profitably
  • How to choose the right channel to reach your audience
  • How to find and get in front of the right audience for your product or service with Google Ads
  • When not to use Google Ads
  • Practical tips to use keywords and audiences and reach the right people
  • How to grow your business online without the knowledge of marketing technology

Mike mentions a website during the interview in which you’ll find a spreadsheet of all affinity and in-market audiences Google offers:

LinkedIn Mike Rhodes:

Website WebSavvy:

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