Revenue Marketing Series (6 of 9): sales & marketing alignment

Revenue Marketing Series (6 of 9): sales & marketing alignment

Stop wasting your marketing budget and start investing in real prospects. Listen to 9 podcasts about how to attract the right leads, how to qualify them, and say no to misfits. Learn about staying on top of mind with the right leads and how to close deals faster.

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Episode 6:

In this episode, Elias has a chat with David Greenberg, he’s the Chief Marketing Officer at Act-On Software. Act-On is a leading marketing automation software platform and David shares his knowledge on Sales and Marketing Alignment, based on his experience within Act-On.

We discuss a lot of topics, amongst them:

  • How to organize business processes around Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • The technology stack, needed to align Marketing & Sales
  • Marketing & sales alignment in practice
  • The importance of (re-) nurturing leads and lead scoring

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Website Act-On Software:

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