Revenue Marketing Series (7 of 9): How to close deals faster

Revenue Marketing Series (7 of 9): How to close deals faster

Stop wasting your marketing budget and start investing in real prospects. Listen to 9 podcasts about how to attract the right leads, how to qualify them, and say no to misfits. Learn about staying on top of mind with the right leads and how to close deals faster.

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Episode 7:

In B2B the Revenue Team (Marketing & Sales) focuses on getting more leads and close more business. One of the items that keep coming back in every sales organization is the question of how to close deals faster. Possibly before the end of the quarter 🙂

In this episode, Elias shares some valuable tips on this topic based on his 20+ years of experience in B2B Sales. Topics he highlights include:

  • How to qualify leads in an early stage
  • How to focus on the bottom of the funnel leads
  • The importance of the BANT principle
  • How to use video in deal-closing
  • Techniques to use while speaking to prospects in order to close faster
  • How to eliminate improper arguments used by prospects
  • How to create scarcity and urgency
  • How to avoid giving a discount to close a deal faster

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