Revenue Marketing Series (9 of 9): How to create fans that love you

Revenue Marketing Series (9 of 9): How to create fans that love you

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Episode 9:

We all know brands that people love: Tesla, Apple, and Starbucks are often mentioned when asked for examples of excellent branding. But how do these companies achieve this and why are they loved so much by customers? Also, these are examples from the B2C world, what can B2B companies do to achieve the same (if even possible)? In this episode, Elias has a chat with Jorge Labadie. He’s the owner and strategy director at 37°Celsius Brand Consultancy, based out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jorge takes us on a branding journey and talks about the following topics:

  • What is brand love? And does it even exist?
  • How to build brand love
  • How to measure for results when investing in branding
  • What does brand love bring you as a company and why you should invest in it

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