Sales engagement: your guide in the complex B2B sales cycle 

Sales engagement: your guide in the complex B2B sales cycle 

Sales engagement: your guide in the complex B2B sales cycle


The B2B sales cycle is becoming more and more complex because more companies are moving towards a digital workforce. Due to this change, companies are facing several challenges:

  • Managing their workforce remotely;
  • The complex landscape of multiple tools;
  • Inefficient processes;
  • Not enough visibility to forecast deals accurately;
  • Buyers expect meaningful experiences.

Sales engagement supports companies facing this kind of challenge and guides sellers through the full revenue lifecycle. It also supports sales leaders to replicate the behaviors of their best-performing salespeople across the entire sales team, while remaining objective about pipeline health, performance, and forecasting.

Gartner published this overview of the major segments that make up the sales engagement technology stack:

Source: Gartner

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales Engagement simplifies and streamlines your tech stack and sales process by:

  • Gain efficiency by automating their tasks and reducing administrative burden;
  • It also supports Customer Success and Account Management teams in driving adoption, expansion, and renewals throughout the customer lifecycle.

This results in more time for selling and meeting revenue goals! Ultimately, Sales Engagement supports your organization from Marketing and Sales to Customer Success to manage deals and engage customers. It guides and automates dynamic sales plays, facilitates coaching, and provides the dashboards and insights needed to achieve exceptional outcomes. Sales can focus on selling, managers can focus on coaching, and leaders and operations teams can focus on strategy.

Eventually, Sales Engagement will benefit your organization because it provides

  • 20% boost in sales productivity
  • 20% in SQL
  • 50% increase in seller tenure from improved selling experiences
  • 5 times increase in response open rates
  • 13% increase in customer renewal rates
  • 2 times increase in top-of-funnel sales prospecting activity

The benefits of a Sales Engagement platform

You might be wondering if Sales Engagement can benefit your organization. Therefore, we provide you with some questions to consider:

  • How much time does your sales team actually spend each day on tactical, non-customer-facing activities?
  • How many emails does your sales team send each day?
  • What are the most effective channels to engage prospects?
  • How many touches does it take to move opportunities to the next deal stage?
  • How well are your sellers following your go-to-market process or methodology?
  • What are your A-players doing differently than the rest?
  • How healthy and deep is your pipeline?
  • How confident are you in your current forecast?

If the answer to any of these questions is “I don’t know,” Sales Engagement will benefit your business!

Eventually, a sales engagement platform will benefit the following roles in your organization:

  • Sales leader
  • Marketing leaders
  • Sales operations
  • First/Second Line Manager
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Succes Managers

But how does a sales engagement platform fits into the sales tech stack?

Eventually, effective Sales Engagement platforms reduce the required tech stack for revenue teams by offering a single solution for strategy execution and automation, opportunity management, and coaching. In assessing how Sales Engagement would fit with your current tech stack, here are some questions to consider:

  1. What tools do you use to score leads and track engagement?
  2. What is your balance of inbound versus outbound?
  3. What tools do you use to communicate with buyers?
  4. Where do you store customer data?

The right Sales Engagement platform will help you exceed pipeline goals, revenue targets, buyer and customer expectations, and more. How? By guiding and automating dynamic sales plays, facilitating coaching, and providing the dashboards and insights needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

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