Target new customers using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Marketo Engage

Target new customers using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is a solution for lead management and B2B marketers looking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys. During the Adobe Summit that took place last May, a very interesting solution was presented and was used as an example.

Marketo Engage + LinkedIn = New Business

The case shows how artificial intelligence enables users of Marketo to target new customers through the LinkedIn integration. Marketo is the only marketing automation platform that has this level of integration with LinkedIn: it will allow you to automatically push leads from your account-based marketing lists in Marketo to LinkedIn. Next, you can target them in LinkedIn with paid ads that are available on the platform, including LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms! These forms can be followed by automated Marketo engagement programs. Watch the video to find out more, including the reporting capabilities and integration with Adobe Experience Manager:

Get the most out of Marketo: integrations

Marketing Guys is certified Marketo Launch Partner, we have helped multiple companies (like Grant Thornton and Saint Gobain) that use Marketo to get the most out of the software. Together we help you defining KPI’s, map your customer journeys and implement lead generation campaigns on the platform. Also, we help you to integrate Marketo with other marketing technology solutions, including:

  • Drift (conversational marketing & chatbots): realize account-based marketing through chatbots. By combining Marketo and Drift, you can automatically pass new contacts from Drift (chatbot) conversations into Marketo, track and manage lead activity, and map attributes from Drift conversations into Marketo to create lasting relationships that ultimately grow revenue. Read more on the integration here.
  • Oktopost (social media): By integrating Oktopost’s social media management platform with Marketo, B2B marketing teams can automatically push social media data without any manual input. For every social interaction, Oktopost appends the activity to known leads within Marketo for optimized lead nurturing, scoring, segmentation, and attribution. The more insight you have on prospects, the more effective you can be in creating campaigns that move buyers through the funnel.
  • Bombora (intent-driven marketing): Your Marketo platform is the hub for all things marketing ‘” from reaching new prospects and qualifying leads to orchestrate Account Based Marketing strategies. The coming together of Company Surge® and Marketo enables intent-driven insights to surface directly in your marketing automation platform, enhancing nurture strategies and uncovering high value accounts actively demonstrating demand for your products or services.
  • LinkedIn: as described in the case above, we’ll help you implement Marketo and Adobe software, including Marketo Engage.

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