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Using interactive content for your holiday season marketing

The holiday season is coming and online marketers, e-commerce shop-owners and entrepreneurs are ramping up their marketing! During this episode, Elias has a 25-minute chat with Saksham Sharda about the use of interactive content (like quizzes, polls, and recommendations) during this holiday season, which is going to be different from last year as brick-and-mortar shops will probably not have crowded Black Friday and Christmas shopping days because of the pandemic.

We discuss the following topics:

  1. How interactive content can be used in both B2B and B2C during this holiday season
  2. How to create interactive content without coding skills
  3. Use interactive content for segmentation and personalization
  4. Measure success when using interactive content

Saksham shared a link for you as a listener to get an extended free trial (30 days) and discount should you want to continue afterwards:

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