What is sales enablement and what does the Seismic platform do?

What is sales enablement and what does the Seismic platform do?

With B2B organizations becoming more complex, so does the sales process. A sales enablement platform can help B2B sales professionals to get the right message, the right prospect, or customer at the right time.

With RevOps Solutions, our recently launched label, we are addressing this significant shift in the sales arena. Research indicates that modern customers prefer fewer initial interactions with salespeople, leading to a complex, nuanced buying journey. Despite these shifts, sales departments have always clung to standard CRM technology. With RevOps Solutions, Marketing Guys aims to assist these teams in implementing advanced technologies. Learn more about RevOps Solutions.

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What problem does a sales enablement platform solve?


  • ENABLE sales teams with the skills, content, and context to win deals and create loyal customers.
  • ENGAGE with clients at the right time and place across all interactions in every channel.
  • IMPROVE efforts based on real performance data across people, content, and process


CMO: Marketing & Sales Enablement

Provide a single source of truth for content including content sync; activation; dynamic playbooks and demonstrate proof of adoption. Sales Plays & Enablement with built-in usage tracking and insights. New Product Launch collateral integrated to all sales systems eg Salesforce, MSFT Dynamics, G-Drive, and 100s more to deliver playbooks; curated content recommendations and real-time access to insights dashboards to measure success

CSO/CRO: Sales Efficiency and Success

Reduce and optimize new hire ramp time and ongoing progress monitoring and coaching. Interactive Meeting and follow up content and enhanced digital buyer engagement which companies is it suited for.

The Seismic Sales Enablement Platform

Seismic is the leading provider of sales enablement solutions. What do they do? In Seismic’s own words: they ignite growth. Seismic enables thousands of sales teams to grow and win. Their clients’ success is what makes Seismic the global leader in sales enablement, helping sellers to become more productive and engage with buyers in a compelling way.

Seismic’s platform provides continuous guidance to improve behavior, content, and skills to win more deals and deliver better experiences. Nearly 2,000 organizations including IBM and American Express have made Seismic their enablement platform of choice. Seismic integrates with business-critical platforms including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, and Adobe. Seismic is headquartered in San Diego, with offices across the USA, Europe, and Australia.

An overview of the functionality of Seismic’s platform 

SEISMIC: Sales Enablement

Seismic maximizes Sales and Marketing efficiency enterprise-wide with a single source of truth for discovering compliant content. Reps are focused on selling activities by automatically receiving the exact content they need during every stage of the sales cycle. Contextual content suggestions and personalization are informed by deal factors from CRM. This increases speed to market and empowers sales reps to become trusted advisors while closing bigger deals.

  • LiveDocs – Increase engagement with personalized content and surface content to sellers in the platforms, like CRM, where they work
  • LiveSend/Digital Sales Rooms – Modernize and go beyond email attachments to a sleek, in-browser viewer for buyers to access content.
  • Engagement Center – Create more content that impacts and closes deals faster using recommendations from content engagement analytics.
  • WorkSpace – Share best practices and close deals faster with collaboration tools that allow reps to increase speed of delivery and impact of messaging.
  • NewsCenter – Curate and deliver news and information to those that need it most.

LESSONLY BY SEISMIC: Training & Coaching (Interactive, metrics-driven Training)

SEISMIC LIVESOCIAL: Social Selling (Only provider with integrated social engagement)

Seismic references

Financial Services: Seismic was founded in 2010 with a specific goal: to solve the content challenges facing Financial Services firms. Today, 300+ operate in the Financial Services space in particular Banking; Capital Markets; Wealth and Asset Management, and any organization with external-facing sellers or advisors. With a holistic approach encompassing content automation and sales enablement, we ensure marketing collateral is compliant and always available on the go.

Clients include American Express,  Mastercard, and Ameriprise.

Software & High tech: For our customers in tech, we know speed to market is crucial to differentiate from competitors. Our platform decreases the amount of time it takes to produce and distribute personalized content to sellers, allowing them to have highly targeted conversations throughout the buyer’s journey. Because of this increase in productivity for sales and marketing, customers like Blackbaud have seen a 14-day decrease in time to sell using Seismic.

Clients include IBM,  NCR, HP, and Hitachi.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing is a great fit for sales enablement due to the complexity of content and distributed stakeholders; data-heavy technical content and many standards and compliance issues to meet as well as geographically diverse sellers and clients. Seismic helps companies like Siemens; Phillips; GE and Honeywell to reduce sales cycle time and new hire ramp; increase revenues and meet compliance goals.

Clients include Rockwell Automation and Lincoln Electric.

Marketing Guys is your Seismic partner

we’re a Seismic partner and help companies around the globe to implement the Seismic platform, as well as integrate it into the existing technology stack. After implementing and integrating we make sure organizations can continue to capitalize on their investment by offering ongoing support.

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