Marketing Guys helps you get ahead with HubSpot

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Marketing Guys helps you get ahead with HubSpot

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Experienced HubSpot partner

HubSpot Software helps you grow as an organization: by generating more leads, increasing brand awareness, or gaining insight into your marketing ROI. Or maybe all three!

Marketing Guys is an official HubSpot Partner. We will help you implement the software and then we will enter into a partnership for success. Our expertise in inbound marketing and sales, combined with your experience within your branch and with your products or services, form the recipe for success.

We guide you through different stages. From single-channel campaigns to lifelong relationships across multiple channels.

Support & success

Getting help from a HubSpot partner, such as Marketing Guys, makes a big difference and speeds up the implementation and adoption process. But above all, the desired results will be achieved faster. Investing in expert help pays off. Our HubSpot customers will confirm that.

Thanks to our many years of experience we know that implementing marketing automation is not the biggest challenge. It is mainly about using the software properly. That is why we will also be there for you after the implementation. By providing support when you have questions about how something works. But also to get the most out of marketing automation in the areas of personalization, life cycle nurturing, and omni-channel attribution. Because starting with marketing automation is an excellent step, but it is just the beginning of a fun and challenging journey.

Marketing Guys is not only your partner for the technical implementation, but we also offer you appropriate strategic and tactical advice and support. Every month again. So you know you’re making the most of HubSpot to achieve your goals.

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Award-winning software

There are many platforms that indicate what the best software in the field of marketing automation is. And all those platforms will tell you different things. But Hubspot is among the parties that always score well. G2, for example, calls it the best product for marketers.


When is HubSpot interesting for your organization?

The fact that Hubspot scores well at G2Crowd does not automatically mean that Hubspot is the best choice for your organization. In addition to your budget, the factors below play an important role:

  • Which of the following systems are already present within your organization?
    • Marketing automation
    • CRM
    • Helpdesk/service system
  • Is it important that marketing, sales, and services complement each other perfectly?
  • Do you want to work from the same tool as much as possible?

If you don’t have any or only one of the systems mentioned above, Hubspot is definitely a good option for you. This is because HubSpot integrates all these processes very well. And can you answer the other questions with YES?


One HubSpot for marketing, sales, and service

The HubSpot platform supports marketing, sales, and service professionals through intelligent automation processes. The solution consists of several different components:

  • CMS Hub
  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub

hubspot platform


When you begin with online marketing, your website is usually the first step. When you take the next step by starting with marketing automation, this will also have an impact on your website. An example is how to deal with forms because this can all be managed from within your marketing automation. If your website and marketing automation are supported by the same software, it will make it much easier. Hubspot makes this possible. Some of the features that Hubspot’s CMS offers are:

  • SEO recommendations
  • Standard website themes with the option for customisation.
  • Multi-language
  • Simple and intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Adaptive testing
  • Contact attribution reporting
  • And much more


Marketing Hub

The marketing hub is the marketing automation part of the Hubspot software. Within the marketing hub, all your marketing tools and data are grouped together on a user-friendly and powerful platform. Examples are:

  • Attracting leads (blog, SEO, ad tracking, social media, video, live chat)
  • Converting leads (landing pages, forms, lead nurturing & scoring, e-mail marketing, ABM, lead tracking & management)
  • Reports


Sales Hub

It’s great when you are able to generate a lot of leads with marketing automation. But if these leads don’t reach sales at the right time and/or nothing is done with them by sales, an opportunity is missed. Hubspot offers a seamless connection between marketing & sales. The sales hub is a user-friendly and complete CRM that your sales team will greatly benefit from. And that will enable them to focus on your customers.

Handy features:

  • Start conversations (email templates, email tracking, call tracking & recording)
  • Build relations (appointment scheduling, sales automation, live chat)
  • Manage your pipeline (playbooks, quotations, analysis & reporting)


Service Hub

The deal has been secured, but how do you keep a grip on the services, especially customer service? That is where the service hub comes in; all your customer data and channels come together there. From the hub, you can scale and automate support and apply the self-service concept. The benefits? Happy customers, of course. But it also allows you to provide services more proactively.

Handy features:

  • Scale your support (helpdesk, knowledge tree, live chat)
  • Cooperation (conversations inbox, CRM, team management)
  • Providing proactive services (customer feedback survey, 1:1 videos)

Hubspot demo

Want to watch Hubspot live and discuss all the possibilities? Request a free, no-obligation demo.

Extensive ecosystem

Within Hubspot, you can manage all processes that are aimed at your customers. From marketing & sales to providing services to your customers. But you will likely have more tools within your marketing stack. Many of these tools can be integrated within Hubspot. Do you want to know if your tools can be integrated with Hubspot? Take a look in the Hubspot App Marketplace.


In order to grow, you need a strategy, the very foundation of any successful business. Without a strategy, investing in a software platform is a waste of money. We will help you to define a growth strategy. For this we use the model below:

The Hubspot platform will then help to execute the activities in a segmented and efficient way. You will also have access to the results (objectives & KPI’s) in real-time, so you will always know how you are performing.

Technology & onboarding

Hubspot needs to be technically installed. Because we have been providing implementations of marketing automation for years, we can provide you with excellent support. During the onboarding, we will make sure that your Hubspot environment is fully up and running. This includes the migration of data, the creation of templates and the set up of processes.

marketing automation roadmap

Full implementation

You are at the beginning of a HubSpot adventure. In the orientation phase, you not only want to know what is possible, but also whether HubSpot is the best match for your company.

During the demo, we explain the facets of HubSpot and give independent advice on whether HubSpot is the ideal solution for you.

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HubSpot optimization

You’ve been using HubSpot for some time, but you feel like you’re not taking full advantage of the system yet. This can be in terms of strategy, but also in the field of the buyer journey or the design of the system.

Let us know about your HubSpot challenges. Then we will go deeper into these specific issues during the demo.

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Implementation costs of €2,760 are charged for implementation by HubSpot. These will expire if Marketing Guys takes care of the implementation!

  • Starter
    500 one-off
    Contains advice on:
    • Managing data in HubSpot
    • Lead generation
    • Email marketing
  • Enterprise
    6.600 one-off
    Includes everything from Professional, plus advice on:
    • Customized database fields and reporting
    • Entitlements, team set-up and managing multiple teams or business units in HubSpot
  • Advanced
    8.800 one-off
    Includes everything from Enterprise, plus advice on:
    • Technical Support
    • Strategic support

All prices shown are subject to change after researching each customer’s specific onboarding needs and reviewing the appropriate license. These prices should be regarded as starting points.