Hitachi High-Tech

This Hitachi business unit specializes in high-tech analysis solutions, designed to meet the tough challenges of a rapidly evolving industrial sector. Today, they’re helping thousands of businesses streamline their costs, minimize risk and increase production efficiency.

Their range of laboratory-based and robust high-performance in-field testing instruments deliver essential materials and coatings analysis that adds value throughout the production lifecycle, from raw material exploration to incoming inspection, production and quality control to recycling.

Key challenges

  • Data integrity
  • Marketing data insights
  • Marketing technology integrations
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation adoption


Hitachi uses as a CRM-tool. And for marketing automation Hitachi uses the Act-On tooling. The solution to improve data integrity, and the marketing & sales alignment, we advised to integrate SalesForce and Act-On. During the integration, Marketing Guys supported Hitachi on both strategical and operational level. For real-time marketing insights, contribution, and ROI, we created a Klipfolio dashboard where data from the SalesForce, Act-On and Google is combined.

Services Marketing Guys performed

  • Strategic advice on integrating a CRM tool with marketing automation tool (lead scoring, sales-marketing alignment, re-nurturing, lists maintenance etc.)
  • Advice on and implementation of the data infrastructure to get the most out of the CRM and marketing automation integration
  • Technical integration of CRM and marketing automation
  • Design and creation of a real-time dashboard in Klipfolio with ROI, contribution, and Marketing & Sales insights
  • Act-On training for marketing & sales users


Used technology


Hitachi’s database is cleaned up and now has segments which can be used to personalize the marketing campaigns and email marketing.

The availability of clean data and a clear view on the customer touch points, creates insights to act on and efficiency internally. With a real-time dashboard all data and departments are aligned and the ROI is insightful.


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    Kerry West Global Digital Marketing Communications Manager Hitachi