Grant Thornton: Empowering engagement

A Marketo implementation

About Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Netherlands is a member of Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL), one of the world’s largest networks (#6) of independent accounting and consulting organisations with 58,000 professionals in more than 138 countries. 

The challenge

Grant Thornton is a global organization with a lot of in-house knowledge. In collaboration with the business, major marketing campaigns were set up that contributed to Grant Thornton’s positioning. Grant Thornton wanted to professionalize this. The campaigns had to be better geared to the needs of their target group specifically. After all, customers nowadays only want information that is relevant and helps them achieve their goals. 

However, there was too little insight into the needs and interests of its target audience to make choices and shape the personalized approach on this basis.  

The goal

  • Better understanding of customer needs
  • More valuable interactions with customers
  • More effective marketing and sales
  • Reliable and clear marketing automation

Our approach

After several strategic sessions, we implemented the marketing automation tool Marketo. Marketo enables organizations to build their brand, increase sales and demonstrate the impact of campaigns on business. By collecting data and linking the right interpretations and actions to it, Grant Thornton ensures that their communications are perfectly aligned with their personas. 

While implementing marketing automation, Marketing Guys used the maturity model to ensure a sustainable implementation that grows with the needs of the customer.

maturity model

The results: 

  • Understanding target audience needs and interests 
  • Insight into successful channels and campaigns 
  • Better engagement on marketing campaigns
  • Better quality leads 
  • More efficient sales process
  • Better alignment between marketing and sales
  • Marketing can demonstrate ROI to business 

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