Hitachi: A visible customer journey

Integrating Act-On with Salesforce for a better understanding of our customers

About Hitachi high-tech analytic science

This Hitachi business unit specializes in high-tech analytic solutions, designed to meet the tough challenges of a rapidly evolving industrial sector. Today, they’re helping thousands of businesses streamline their costs, minimize risk, and increase production efficiency. 

Their range of laboratory-based and robust high-performance in-field testing instruments deliver essential analyses that add value throughout the production lifecycle. From raw material exploration to incoming inspection, production, and quality control, to recycling. 

The challenge

With a global marketplace and a vast number of products, the Hitachi Hi-Tech marketing team was challenged to market to a large variety of customers that had their own unique problems requiring specific solutions. Hitachi used Act-On marketing automation to deliver their messages to their extensive list of target groups. 

However, they recognized that their challenges required them to step up their actions and insights to truly deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. This applies to new business leads as well as to existing customers. They switched their CRM to Salesforce and wanted to integrate with Act-On to provide relevant leads to sales and to get better customer data to improve their marketing. However, they knew it would be very difficult to do on their own. Therefore, they needed a partner to help them, so they got in touch with us. 

The key challenges: 

  • Ensuring data integrity 
  • Getting relevant data insights 
  • Integrating their marketing automation technology and CRM 
  • Lead generation 
  • Useful marketing automation adoption 

The goal

The key challenges provided Marketing Guys with a clear goal to help Hitachi. The goals were to make sure that the different CRM and marketing automation software were installed and integrated correctly. This would then lead to reliable and trustworthy data. From there, the data can be translated into relevant insights, which can be used for generating quality leads and an overall useful marketing automation adoption.

The approach

Marketing Guys has helped many companies with integrating Act-On with their CRM, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and NetSuite. 

Based on these experiences we have developed a blueprint consisting of 7 phases: 

  • Design 
  • Data inventory 
  • Testing 
  • Live integration 
  • Segment creation 
  • Lead scoring 
  • Reporting 

Firstly, strategic advice was given on the different ways Act-On and Salesforce could be integrated correctly. Different topics were discussed from lead scoring and nurturing to sales-marketing alignment and ROI insights. This provided a good understanding of what data was important for Hitachi to ensure that the most useful data were connected in the right way.  

After this initial session, we advised Hitachi on how to set up the data infrastructure so it would fit perfectly in Hitachi’s specific case. Subsequently, the actual technical integration was performed in which Act-On and Salesforce were connected. 

With all of the data in the right place, a dashboard could be set up for Hitachi so they could view their most important data in one clear location. This dashboard was created using Klipfolio, using real-time data to provide the most up-to-date version possible for the most useful data insights.  

Now that all the software was installed and implemented, and all the data in a clear dashboard, Hitachi still had one challenge: how do we use this new integrated software? This is where multiple training sessions were provided to teach Hitachi’s marketing and sales team members how to use this new Act-On environment. 


As a result, Hitachi now uses a clean database with multiple segments to keep track of their customers and leads, with clear insights due to data integrity of integrated systems. This database was also personalized to the specific needs of Hitachi and their goals, which they used for more personal marketing campaigns and e-mail marketing.  

The new dashboard with all their important KPI metrics now gives Hitachi a real-time insight in their marketing ROI, as well as a 360 view of their leads and customers. This gives them a great advantage in generating leads, as well as scoring and nurturing them.  

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