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The implementation of  marketing automation

About NorthC Datacenters

NorthC has datacenters spread across the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. They are in the Amsterdam metropolitan area with four data centers, but also operate in the Rotterdam-Den Haag metropolitan area, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen. In Munich, Nuremberg, Bern, Münchenstein, and Winterthur. That means they are always close by.

NorthC datacenters

The challenge

You send out newsletters, post blogs on your site, share on social media, and even more. You’re using the marketing tools you have available, yet you feel like you could get more out of them. How many leads are all these marketing activities really getting you? What is the ROI on your marketing investments? In short, how do you take your marketing to the next level?

Lisa van den Berg, Marketing Director at NorthC Datacenters, also asked herself this question. When she started as Marketing Manager at NorthC Datacenters 10 years ago, her conclusion was that too little marketing was happening and that it was not clear what the activities that were being undertaken were producing. She actively searched for an online marketing agency and got in touch with Marketing Guys.

The goal

Based on the challenges Lisa, and thus NorthC Datacenteres, faced, a number of goals were established:

  • Clearly displayed data on a single platform
  • Clear insight into ROI and lead generation

Our approach

During that conversation, it quickly became clear that marketing automation and Act-On in particular was an excellent solution for them. Unlike traditional marketing such as posting online and offline ads, this tool does a great job of showing the ROI of your marketing. This solved one of their biggest problems.

But with Act-On, another problem was solved at NorthC Datecenters. “Before, we were working with different tools and different platforms. Switching between all those tools and platforms took a lot of time,” said Lisa. Act-On is an all-in-one marketing automation tool, which can be used to control your chat function, social media posting and much more. Using Act-On provided NorthC Datacenters with a lot of time as well as cost savings.

Act-On also connects very easily to CRM systems. At NorthC Datacenters they work with Salesforce. By linking this to Act-On, all your data becomes even more manageable and surveyable. You can see in one overview, when you have your data in order and have created the right segmentations. For example, you can simply check what someone has downloaded or viewed.

Moreover, by linking Act-On and your CRM system, you can directly see in your database how many downloads there are, how many contact forms have been completed, and on which pages someone has been. “Linking with your CRM is essential. As far as I’m concerned, as a company you shouldn’t ask the question if you’re going to use marketing automation, but when and how. It is indispensable for your marketing department,” Lisa said.

The results

To make the best use of Act-On, NorthC Datacenters brought in Mir Verkaaik. She fully committed to working with marketing automation. “We got a clear insight into our website traffic. Because of the information provided by Act-On we can now track much better, we can see the extension of an address after a download and we know exactly who this warm lead is,” Mir said.

“Moreover, our sales process now runs a lot smoother, because with marketing automation we can put ourselves even better in the target audience’s shoes and see what stage of the buyer journey they are in. Our content can be tuned much better as a result and the leads are therefore not just leads, but really warm. We are completely converted!”

Specifically, the results are thus:

  • Better insights into website visitors
  • Smoother sales process
  • Better insights into leads and ROI
  • More effective marketing
  • Well integrated marketing automation and CRM

What does NorthC Datacenters think?

A great tool to support and set up your marketing is not just a means to an end. It is an essential solution for a data-driven approach. To properly deploy marketing automation, several factors are important. Below are the success factors according to NorthC Datacenters to successfully deploy marketing automation:

A good plan of action + a strategy
– A segmentation of your target audience to target in marketing automation
– Develop the right content that fits the stage of the buyer journey
– Determine the CTAs based on that content
– Make sure you have good web pages aimed at conversion
– Workflows that follow up and guide leads through their journey
– Designing marketing automation to turn existing customers into ambassadors.

“In this day and age, you can’t get away from technology as a marketer. It is a very important part of your marketing communications. You have to keep developing yourself and you have to have that desire. Because if you can’t keep up now, it’s going to be really tough to be a marketer in the future. That development does go a lot faster if you have experts on hand that you can call when you have a question. Thanks for the help and support Marketing Guys!”Mir Verkaaik

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