Demystifying B2B Tech Marketing – Elias chats with Digital Clarity’s Reggie James

Demystifying B2B Tech Marketing – Elias chats with Digital Clarity’s Reggie James




Welcome to the Marketing Technology Podcast, hosted by Elias Crum (digital strategist and owner of Marketing Guys).

In this episode of the Marketing Technology Podcast, the founder of Digital Clarity, Reggie James, provides insight on a range of marketing topics including B2B tech marketing, buyer journey complexities, and the importance of a strategic approach over short-term distractions.
B2B tech marketing has seen significant changes due to increasing touchpoints and more individuals involved in the buying process. James discusses how this complexity has led to the need for clear marketing strategies that accurately identify and cater to the different influencers within the buying committee.
This highlights a complex buyer journey that necessitates tailored communication. Using a reference from the Digital Clarity website, James emphasized the need to communicate a clear offer to the right customer at the right time and screen, an element many organizations fail at. According to him, Digital Clarity utilizes an ‘outsider’s view’ approach to assist clients in reassessing, planning and ultimately moving their marketing strategies forward.
Reggie further noted the detrimental impact of ‘chasing short-term shiny objects’ or adopting short-lived trends without a proper marketing strategy in place. Rather, companies should have well-defined objectives and an executable strategy, guiding them towards achieving their goals, a philosophy ingrained in the Digital Clarity methodology.
The Digital Clarity founder’s vast expertise in B2B marketing offers beneficial advice to other marketing professionals navigating the constantly changing marketing landscape.
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