Exploring the Win-Win-House: Merging In-House and External Agency Marketing for Optimal Success – Elias interviews Kasper Sierslev

Exploring the Win-Win-House: Merging In-House and External Agency Marketing for Optimal Success – Elias interviews Kasper Sierslev




In this enlightening conversation, host Elias Crum (Marketing Guys), chats with Kasper Sierslev, the CCO of Zite, an expert in managing in-house marketing teams. They delve into the intricate pros and cons of in-house marketing, providing comprehensive insight into this crucial subject matter. Drawing from his extensive experience and vast knowledge base, Sierslev candidly explores how the landscape of marketing has transformed over the years and how these changes impact businesses.
To give a nuanced understanding, Sierslev elaborates on both models – external agencies and in-house teams. He begins by discussing the drawbacks associated with external agencies and the reasons behind their diminished dominance over marketing and creativity. Contrarily, he also tackles criticisms about in-house teams accused of compromising on the principles of creativity-led marketing.
Moving on to the main discussion, Sierslev contends that while both models have their unique benefits, there’s an alternative route businesses can take for an optimized marketing setup – a win-win house. Sierslev’s newly launched book, aptly titled Win-Win-House, expounds on this concept in detail. It acts as a step-by-step guide for building an on-site agency while retaining collaboration with an external partner. The goal? Harnessing the advantages of both models simultaneously. The book and more details about this transformative approach can be found at win-win-house.com.
During the discussion, Sierslev underlines that in-house teams are a more viable option for scaling, shortening the time-to-market, and handling complex issues. In comparison, outsourcing proves beneficial only when employing specialist agencies or boutique firms, provided their skills align precisely with the required tasks. Sierslev stresses that opting for full-service agencies could be a misstep, as their effectiveness often wanes when they tackle a variety of tasks they might not excel in.
This principle resonates within the working philosophy at Zite. Here, Sierslev and his team customize a setup to meet the specific needs, ambitions, and market environment of individual companies. As he explains, no two businesses are the same, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Details about Zite’s operations and Sierslev’s experiences with creating tailored in-house agencies for various firms can be found at Zite.
Sierslev’s recommendations don’t stem merely from his role at Zite but are also grounded in a string of successes marked on his impressive resume, which can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile. Notably, Sierslev has spearheaded numerous award-winning marketing campaigns.
In a nutshell, this informative interview underscores the importance of devising an optimal marketing strategy tailored to an organization’s unique needs. Sierslev’s wealth of knowledge and Crum’s incisive questions make it a must-listen for businesses looking to level up their marketing. This conversation empowers listeners to take a fresh look at their marketing strategies, encouraging them to balance creativity and practicality for a setup that reaps maximum benefits. In-house or outsourced? Perhaps the ideal solution is a ‘win-win-house.’

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