Marketing Magic with Gen Z: Insights & Strategies with Janet Nawijn of Ormit Talent

Marketing Magic with Gen Z: Insights & Strategies with Janet Nawijn of Ormit Talent




Welcome to the Marketing Technology Podcast, hosted by Elias Crum (digital strategist and owner of Marketing Guys).
In this dynamic episode of the Marketing Technology Podcast, host Elias Crum, Founder of Marketing Guys, engages in an insightful discussion with Janet Nawijn, Head of Marketing at Ormit Talent. The duo delves into the enigmatic world of Gen Z in the marketing realm – dealing with Gen Z as both a marketing target audience and as coworkers in the workplace.
Here are the major talking points of our conversation:
– Decoding Management Strategies: Unravel the secrets of managing Gen Z talent effectively to create a harmonious and productive workspace.
– Engaging the Gen Z Audience: Discover the communication channels that strike a chord with Gen Z and learn to harness their power in your marketing strategy.
– The Gen Z Content Appetite: What types of marketing content resonate most with Gen Z consumers? Get insights to create the right content mix for maximum engagement.
– Unpacking Gen Z Buying Behavior: Get a better understanding of Gen Z buying behavior and the ways to tap into it to ensure a better sales output.
During the discussion, we also spotlight the ‘Meaningful Marketing Framework,’ a must-have resource for every marketer striving for successful modern marketing. The framework gives you tools on an operational, tactical, and strategic level to make your work more meaningful. Download it now:
Tune in for an enriching and informative session and let us assist you in conquering the Gen Z marketing space!

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