The Online Events Game: Kicking Goals and Scoring Success – Elias interviews Joe Davy, Co-founder of Banzai

The Online Events Game: Kicking Goals and Scoring Success – Elias interviews Joe Davy, Co-founder of Banzai




In this enlightening episode, host Elias Crum (CEO of Martech & Sales tech agency Marketing Guys) sits down with Joe Davy, the brilliant co-founder of Banzai, a leading provider of online event marketing solutions. Join us as we delve into the world of data and its crucial role in organizing successful online events. Discover how the parallel between attending soccer matches versus watching them on TV or reading results can be compared to the dynamics of organizing online events versus trade shows in B2B marketing.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Introducing Joe Davy and Banzai:
    • Get to know Joe Davy, the co-founder of Banzai, a company revolutionizing event marketing with data-driven solutions.
    • Learn about Banzai’s mission and its commitment to helping businesses thrive in the online event landscape.
  2. The Power of Data in Online Event Organization:
    • Explore the critical role of data in planning, executing, and measuring the success of online events.
    • Uncover the key data points that can provide valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences.
    • Understand how leveraging data can optimize event strategies, increase engagement, and drive meaningful outcomes.
  3. Soccer Matches vs. Watching on TV: A Parallel to Online Events vs. Trade Shows:
    • Draw parallels between attending a soccer match live and watching it on TV, and how this relates to organizing online events versus traditional trade shows in B2B marketing.
    • Discuss the different experiences and benefits offered by each approach and the importance of adapting to changing audience preferences.
  4. Harnessing Data for Targeted Engagement:
    • Gain insights into the ways data can be leveraged to personalize online events, enhance attendee experiences, and drive meaningful interactions.
    • Learn effective strategies for capturing and analyzing data to refine event marketing efforts and achieve optimal outcomes.
  5. Future Trends and Innovations in Online Event Marketing:
    • Dive into the emerging trends and innovations shaping the future of online event marketing.
    • Discover how data-driven approaches are evolving, and what exciting possibilities lie ahead for businesses in the digital event space.

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