Meaningful Commerce

Meaningful Commerce

When your commercial success benefits all involved

Meaningful Commerce: business that delivers outstanding results, and feels better to all involved.

Let’s face it. Commercial departments of organizations can have bad reputations: manipulative marketing, aggressive sales and unsupportive customer service.

But that really does not have to be the case.

Commerce can be done the right way. A way that works great for not just the organization itself, but also for employees, customers, partners and local communities. And feels even better for those involved.

We call it Meaningful Commerce.

Back to Basics reshaped with a purpose

Meaningful Commerce is not something completely new. You could say it is a movement to go ‘Back to Basics’: the Basics of Marketing and Sales where the customer is really the center point.

Recent reports from Forrester , Gartner and McKinsey show that changing buying patterns of especially Millenials and Gen Z buyers are reshaping the way to do business. Playing the old playbook does not work anymore. A more meaningful approach is needed.

But don’t focus only on your customers. Your employees look for purpose in their jobs too. A study by Robert Dur of the Erasmus University Rotterdam showed that 1 in 5 people find their job more or less useless. Especially in marketing the number of people who feel their jobs are useless is disproportionately high. Bring back that feeling of purpose to empower your employees but also to attract new talent.

Being and remaining commercially successful demands a different approach.

It’s time for Meaningful Commerce.

What is Meaningful Commerce?

The guiding principle of Meaningful Commerce seeks to uphold the core values and purpose of the organization while delivering genuine value to all stakeholders by promoting balance, alignment, and sustainable relationships based on respect.

By adopting this ‘doing good for all’ mindset, commercial team members can experience a sense of belonging and purpose as they engage in meaningful work that is truly heard and valued. At the same time, this approach also contributes positively to local communities, enhances the organization’s financial benefits, reputation, and appeal to new talent, all while delivering true and honest value to customers.

Understanding Meaningful Commerce: Its relevance and benefits

Meaningful Commerce goes beyond simply selling products or services. It explores the concept of building respectful and meaningful relationships with your customers, employees, partners and local communities. By embracing Meaningful Commerce, organizations can not only drive financial success but also contribute to better outcomes for all involved.

How to realize Meaningful Commerce with the Meaningful Commerce Framework

While Meaningful Commerce might warm your heart with the idea of ‘doing well by doing good’, your mind will ask: how?

This is where the Meaningful Commerce Framework steps in. A framework that enables you to implement and maintain Meaningful Commerce.

The Meaningful Commerce Framework helps all involved in the commercial process to plan, build and execute that process on a strategic, tactical and operational level, whilst taking into account the necessary channels and tools.

Using the Meaningful Commerce Framework means that businesses seek balance for all stakeholders in the commercial process. They deliver what their customers, employees and (local) communities need at every step of the commercial process (Discovery, Explore, Buy & Post-Sale), enabling all involved to make the right choices.

Meaningful Commerce Framework: Strategic level

We often say: Strategy first, technology second. The Meaningful Commerce Framework is no different.

It provides on a strategic level several ideas and suggestions for every phase of the customer journey that are meaningful in nature, but without losing sight on the revenue goals. For you and your team to undertake marketing, sales and customer service/experience activities.

The alignment with the purpose and the core values of the organization is clear and acts as guiding principles.

Think about:

  • Frictionless experiences
  • Humanized technology
  • Guiding Polestar
  • Being caring, respectful and transparent

Meaningful Commerce Framework: Tactical level

On a tactical level the Meaningful Commerce Framework provides guidelines how to shape your marketing, sales and customer service/experience activities, processes and work flows in a meaningful manner.

Think about:

  • GDPR and other regulations concerning privacy, security and quality,
  • Processes that eliminate friction as much as possible and enable as much as possible
  • ‘First Time Right’, testing and verifying workflows
  • Clear, honest communication where you answer their questions.

Meaningful Commerce Framework: Operational level

On an operational level the Meaningful Commerce Framework is where the rubber meets the road. The moment of truth of where your meaningful aspirations and principles are put to the test.

Your activities need to make a meaningful difference to your customers, but also to your employees and partners, and last but not least local communities. All of them are affected by your activities. And that needs to be a touch in the right way.

Think about:

  • Minimal use of forms
  • Inspiring and educating through inspirational emails and explanatory videos
  • Use of clear language
  • Self scheduling demo’s and appointments, and interactive, recorded proposals.

Meaningful Commerce Framework: Channels & Tools

To create, execute and maintain activities at scale, technology is essential. To engage diverse audiences, we require effective channels.

The Meaningful Commerce framework suggests several channels and tools to support the various meaningful marketing, sales and customer service/experience activities across the different phases of the customer journey.

Think about:

  • Marketing and sales automation tools
  • Marketing and sales enablement tools
  • Video communication platforms
  • Social media channels

Want to know more?

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