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How to effectively use mobile in your marketing technology mix – interview Bill McDaniel

In this podcast episode Elias Crum and Mark van Horik have a chat with Bill McDaniel, ex-Oracle Director of Mobile Marketing Solutions and a marketing technology specialist. Bill is based out of Atlanta, Georgia (US) and joins us online.

During the interview we discuss the possibilities of mobile marketing in your martech stack. Following topics are covered in during the 30-minute session:

  • What is mobile marketing?: sms-marketing and differences to using Whatsapp / WeChat
  • How much alive is mobile marketing in the age of e-mail and social?
  • Practical examples and use cases of mobile marketing in industries like retail, events and restaurants.
  • Results of mobile marketing campaigns: how many opens, what’s the reach and how do you influence this?
  • Practical advice on which tools to use when you would like to start using mobile marketing.

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