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Interview with the Godfather of Martech: Scott Brinker – VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, Editor at, Program Chair of MarTech

Elias and Mark had a live interview on the Martech Festival (Oct 31st in London) with the Godfather of Marketing Technology: Scott Brinker. He’s been visualizing the Marketing Technology Landscape since 2011. His latest landscape, called the Martech5000 shows an enormous amount of different vendors:

marketing technology landscape

During the interview we evaluated the keynote session which Scott held at the festival, some topics that are covered during the 25-minute interview:

  • Why more CMOs are becoming CEOs
  • Pace-Layered Application Strategy and IT Organizational Design by Gartner
  • The New Rules of Marketing Technology and Operations:
    • Centralize everything you can
    • Automate everything you can
    • Decentralize everything you can
    • Humanize everything you can
    • Embrace continuous change

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