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Warning: this podcast is not for you!

In this episode, hosts Elias and Mark (both from Marketing Guys) have an interview with Justin Foster and Emily Soccorsy from Root + River. They co-founded Root+River and share useful insights on branding in this podcast.

Emily and Justin share their beliefs in intrinsic branding. In the old world, marketing was about the false use of emotions. Nowadays brands like Patagonia and Harley Davidson connect to an emotion that’s already there: the emotion of belonging. How this can be achieved is shared by Emily and Justin.

As Seth Godin already indicated: “People buy from you for 2 reasons. They know you and secondly, they trust you”. This process is also about making choices in finding the right customer. Root+River actually has a warning label on their website: We are not for everyone. But we might be for you.

The practical use of marketing technology in the branding process is discussed. Main take away: Create a human-centric view of process and systems!

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