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Podcast: Strategy over tools and attitude over skills – Navid Jafari, Peernova


In this episode, Elias has an interview with Navid Jafari, Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Peernova. The company focuses on data governance solutions for Tier 1 financial institutions. Peernova was founded in 2014, has grown very fast and recently opened up an office in London (UK). Navid has been with Peernova for over 5 years, so obviously he and his team a doing something right from a marketing perspective! During the 40-minute interview, we talk about the learnings Navid had during his career and he shares his advice on:

  • How to be successful in marketing and build a foundation for growth
  • The role of strategy and tools: tools are not going to make you a better marketer!
  • The principles of persuasion and how to apply them
  • The tools that Peernova is using in their martech stack

LinkedIn Navid Jafari: Website Peernova: During the interview, Navid also mentioned the book ‘Blink, the Power of Thinking without Thinking, by Malcolm Gladwell.

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