Are you ready to become a true B2B Marketing Hero?

On February 1st we have launched something special for you: Revenue Marketing in B2B: The Series

Stop wasting your marketing budget and start investing in real prospects. Listen to 9 podcasts about how to attract the right leads, how to qualify them, and say no to misfits. Learn about staying on top of mind with the right leads and how to close deals faster.

As a bonus, we have a toolkit that every B2B marketeer needs and we host an expert session to help you be the best B2B revenue marketer!


Schedule of podcasts

ATTRACT – release date February 1st
Podcast 1 – How to define your audience: who exactly are you after?
Podcast 2 – How you create the best customer experience – tips & tricks from Steven van Belleghem
Podcast 3 – How to attract the right audience with Google Ads

CONVERT – release date February 8th
Podcast 4 – How to say no to misfits?
Podcast 5 – Top tactics to nurture leads/top tactics to stay on top of mind

CLOSE – release date February 15th
Podcast 6 – This is what marketing and sales alignment looks like
Podcast 7 – How to close deals faster?

DELIGHT – release date February 22nd 
Podcast 8 – Onboard your customers like a pro
Podcast 9 – This is how you create fans that love you

Toolkit for the B2B revenue marketer

In the toolkit you can expect:

  • UTM-creator and tips
  • Templates for lead nurture flows
  • ROMI checklist
  • Create your ultimate marketing dashboard

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