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We proudly present the five steps, which together are guaranteed to be the foundation of your lead geneartion and digital marketing. Together, we create a schedule for a year with points of action that we evaluate by on a real-time basis. Providing insight into working activities is our specialists’ second nature. Opting for Marketing Guys is a choice for measurable digital marketing success.

1. Determine objectives
2. Align with your target audience
3. Formulate a content strategy
4. Establish online channels
5. Develop conversion strategies

Get ready for success


The 30-Day Marketing Shuffle is a fixed part of our digital marketing plan. You can’t construct a house without first laying its foundation. Therefore, during the Shuffle, we develop the strong foundation for lead generation that will reap rewards for you as a marketer in the long run. Think of lead-nurturing campaigns, establishing the optional coupling with your CMS system, setting up the required marketing-automation software, establishing an easily-comprehensible reporting structure, or designing a blog module. In thirty days, we will get you, and ourselves of course, ready for your online success.

Lead generation and marketing technology services:

Marketing automation

We have helped 75+ companies in selecting the right marketing automation platform. We’re official partner of Marketo (Adobe)Act-On Software and Net-Results but we also have experience in Hubspot and Salesforce Pardot.

Realtime Dashboarding

Taking company decisions based on data requires a powerful and visually strong dashboard. A dashboard which combines the data that is important to you. We help you create that dashboard or even a CMO Control Center!

Marketing & Sales Alignment

We enable you sales and marketing organizations and help you get the most out of your marketing investments. Today, the marketing & sales alignment is required to get the results you want. Both on a strategical and operational level we’ll make sure the 2 teams work together in order to turn MQLs into SQLs and closed deals!

Online strategy

Using a buyer (or persona) focused approach, we’ll make sure your pipeline gets filled with the leads you need. Using the AIDA model we’ll make sure that on every layer of the buyer’s journey the right content and CTAs are offered which result in valuable leads. Our services also include digital advertising and conversion optimization.

Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations. We help you build relationships and create authentic experiences with customers and buyers.

Managed Marketing Technology

Marketing gets more and more data-driven and all kinds of tools are needed to manage this data. As a modern marketer, it’s hard to make the right choices. Recognizable? Than our Managed Marketing Technology service is the right choice for you!

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