CMO Control Center

Real-time insight on KPI realization, pro-active advice on strategy and your to-do-list in 1 dashboard

As a CMO you’re responsible for getting a lot of things done. Both short-term and long-term. How do you keep track of your KPI’s and manage all those daily activities at the same time? Chance is big you’re getting lost and are focusing on the activities that are most pressing at the moment, not the ones that actually help you realize your goals. Your job sometimes has a lot in common with a Launch Director at the NASA Launch Control Center. This inspired us in developing the CMO Control Center. 1 Dashboard containing your top KPI’s, pro-active marketing advice from pros and a to-do-list for your daily activities.

Why you need a CMO Control Center:

  • Real-time insight into your KPI realization
  • Weekly pro-active advice on your strategy by pros at Marketing Guys
  • Both advice and a daily to-do-list
  • No need to login to multiple tools
  • Direct contact with specialists at Marketing Guys

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Functionalities of the CMO Control Center

The CMO Control Center (CCC)offers following functions

  1. Real-time status into the realization of your KPIs
  2. Weekly pro-active advice by martech and search & data specialists at Marketing Guys
  3. Daily to-do-list in Trello
  4. Direct contact with your specialists at Marketing Guys

CMO Control Center: what is the pricing?

The CMO Control Center is a service which fits into our complete offering of services. Because each CMO has different KPIs and teams are organized differently we will realize a custom CMO Control Center for you which fits you. For a fixed monthly fee we’ll prganize your marketing and include your CCC, also the CCC is a free tool within our Managed Marketing Technology packages.

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