Making company decisions based on data requires a powerful and visually strong dashboard. A dashboard which combines the data that is important to you. An overview through which decisions can be made and campaigns can be adjusted. Are you looking for a solution to make all your data sources easily comprehensible? We will gladly assist you with a tailor-made dashboard.

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.”

Ronald Coase

What is a Klipfolio Dashboard?

Klipfolio is a cloud-based platform with which you can relatively easily create dashboards that contain real-time information. In this way, you can quickly and effectively gather the data sources that are important to your company or your customers. Useful, if you want to know how well your social-media channels or AdWords campaigns are performing. A Klipfolio dashboard is orderly, visually strong, and distinguishes itself through an extensive list of options.

Why opt for a Klipfolio dashboard?

With Klipfolio, the options are almost limitless. Coupling with almost all famous data sources is possible: Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, or Google Analytics, for example. The advantage is that Klipfolio develops a standard number of “klips” (such as a graph or table) per data source. These clips can be added to your dashboard after authorization.

In our opinion, the power is in making all the data, which is important to you or your organization, comprehensible. This means that you must compound this data on the basis of API, for example. In this way, you have control over the various possibilities, and you can present the data in whichever way you like. Or, as we like to say: “if you torture the data long enough, it will confess”. And that’s precisely what we want to achieve.

Klipfolio advantages:

  • Integrate various data sources to your dashboard
  • View your dashboard on your mobile or tablet
  • Stream your dashboard to a large television screen
  • Visually strong
  • Broad choice of templates
  • Tailor-made dashboard

Integrate Klipfolio and Act-On automation

Online marketers often use multiple tools for campaigns and numerous data sources. You’re probably using Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, a CRM solution like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics and possibly you’ve implemented a marketing automation solution like Act-OnHubspot or Marketo.

All these tools have their added value but login in to different platforms to get your reports is a hassle you could do without. Using an overall dashboard like Klipfolio makes life a lot easier! Klipfolio offers a lot of standard connectors (API’s) but a connection to Act-On was missing. Good news: we’ve created it for you!

Why connect Act-On software to Klipfolio?

The big advantage of connecting Act-On to Klipfolio is the overall dashboard you can create containing all you KPI data, including the lead-related data from Act-On. A few things you could visualize on a realtime basis:

  • # leads in a funnel based on your lead scoring
  • Results of your lead nurturing campaigns
  • # of known visitors, prospects and customers on your website
  • Geographical overview of your leadsources by region
  • Engaged versus unengaged subscriber to your mailinglist
  • An overview of your current Top100 leads by name

A dashboard could for example look like this:

How to integrate Act-On marketing automation and Klipfolio

We can help you integrate the 2 solutions. To realize the dashboard we’ll use the Datastudio solution from Act-On which is standard included in the Enterprise version or can be ordered as an add-on when using the Professional act-On version. Besides this you’ll need a Klipfolio subscription. We at Marketing Guys are certified partners for both solutions and will be glad to help you out.

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