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What is dashboarding?

Dashboarding is the visualization, analysis, and reporting of marketing data. In a dashboard, pre-defined information is displayed and organized visually, giving the user a complete overview of important KPIs.

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What dashboarding tools are there?

The number of dashboarding solutions has expanded in recent years and includes several well-known companies including:

While all these tools share similarities, they are different based on features, pricing, and availability of data integrations.  Understanding your marketing stack and requirements will help inform which platform is best suited for your unique needs.

Klipfolio dashboard

How does Marketing Guys help with the implementation?

Do you want access to all your marketing analytics in a clear and concise view?  We can develop customized dashboards that visualize and ease the analysis of your most important KPI.  Our team has years of experience creating simple and complex dashboards based on our clients’ requirements.

Why choose Marketing Guys instead of the tool itself?

  • Our team has over 30 years of combined experience implementing and customizing various dashboarding platforms.
  • Professional services from a specific provider will be more expensive than working with the MG team.
  • We can provide ongoing support to address your needs as they grow and evolve over time.

Your benefits

  • Link different data sources to your dashboard
  • View your dashboard on a mobile or tablet
  • Stream your dashboard to a large TV screen
  • Visually strong
  • Wide choice of templates
  • Custom-made dashboards

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