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A unique dashboarding tool

Do you want to visualize your data in a dashboarding tool? Then Klipfolio might be the best option you have. The (visual) possibilities you have with Klipfolio and the functionalities you can add make this tool unique. All your data from almost any source will be displayed on 1 screen using the tool. Klipfolio is unique in its kind and, even though the learning curve is quite steep, you can use it to build beautiful dashboards that stand out in the office.

What is a Klipfolio dashboard?

Klipfolio is a cloud-based tool with which you can create dashboards. It is an extensive dashboard tool that you can quickly link to your online marketing and sales data sources by means of, for example, an API. The advantage is that Klipfolio has standard ‘clips’ of the known data sources. This gives you the opportunity to quickly build your dashboard using standard clips. The disadvantage is that the standard also has a limitation. Klipfolio’s strength lies precisely in translating and converting the data in such a way that you can turn it into customised visual clips.

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Data sources Klipfolio dashboard

Klipfolio has many coupling options and with the familiar tools there is often a ‘connector’ available to link the data. These include Google Analytics, Adwords, Google Drive, Excel, Facebook, Mailchimp, Marketo, Hubspot and LinkedIn. In total there are more than 100 standard integrations. In addition, there are thousands of other link possibilities with Klipfolio. This is partly because they have developed a Restconnector where you can use your own API.

Klipfolio dashboarding

Link Klipfolio with external sources

The first step is to give Klipfolio access to your external sources. Klipfolio uses various authentication methods for this purpose. The most commonly used is the OAuth (open authentication). You enter the username and password of the tool you want to connect to Klipfolio and you can start retrieving the data. Based on the available API of your tool, you create a query corresponding to the external data source. This will give you insight into the data in XML, CSV or JSON format, for example.

How does a Klipfolio dashboard work?

Once it is linked to your data source, the real work begins. The data must be made transparent, understandable and visually attractive, which is often quite a challenge. Depending on the data source format, you can select different parts of your data source that you want to display visually. In the clip editor you have various components, such as diagrams, graphs, tables, gauges, indicators, and maps. Based on various conditions, filter options, variables, and in some cases formulas, you can choose the data that you would like to have in view. You can expand Klipfolio in terms of functionality, such as with a date component, filter options (e.g. a specific marketing channel) and account views.

Your benefits

100% web-based tool and accessible from anywhere
Strong visual dashboards
Beautiful graphs, tables and gauges
Standard clips and standard dashboards
Linking with numerous external data sources
Extended functionalities
Very good price/quality ratio
Ability to create multiple dashboards and work with different accounts
Easy to use
Add smart features

Klipfolio Certified Partner

Marketing Guys is a certified partner of Klipfolio. This means that we can set up, configure and optimise Klipfolio dashboards through the use of many functions, variables, visualisations and much more… From the very first contact, we take care of the accurate implementation of Klipfolio.

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