Business intelligence solution

Qlik Sense is a widely used analytics and BI solution that aims to make an entire organization work data-driven. You can easily convert complex data into (interactive) visualizations that ultimately form a dashboard.

Data integration with external tooling

Like many other tools, it is possible to link Qlik Sense to external data sources. In addition to the fact that there are many standard integrations, it is also possible to link with the best-known data platforms or data warehouses. You can connect and combine hundreds of data sources from different apps, databases, and cloud services. Qlik Sense offers the possibility to unlock the data and convert it into extensive visualization that provides you as an organization with new insights and from which data-driven actions can be generated. Qlik Sense can be used as a cloud version and on-premises version.

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Interactive dashboards

The most important component we use from Qlik Sense is visually bringing your data together. We make these dashboards visually so strong that everyone in the organization can understand them. The dashboards themselves are easy to share with different people in an organization.

Data management is the foundation of Qlik dashboards. Linking data sources by means of unique identifiers or values ​​provides a great advantage. It makes every element within the visualization interactive, making the dashboard more alive in your organization. With Qlik Sense you can basically make better and data-driven decisions.

Reports with Qlik Sense

The interactive dashboards are easy to use for analyzing the data. Do your visualizations in the dashboard need a little more explanation or do you want the option to create a full report? Then the reporting option of Qlik Sense is a great solution. With reporting from Qlik Sense you can create custom reports in formats such as Word or PDF. You can automatically generate the PDFs and send them to the right people in the organization.

Link data sources

Qlik Sense has over 50 standard integrations with external tools. It is also possible to add separate files as .xlsx, .csv and .txt files. If a link is not available by default, there is still the option to retrieve data via an API. Of course, an API must be available via the tool to be linked.

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