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Lead generation: the heartbeat of your organisation

Lead generation is one of the most important parts of a B2B marketing organization. After all, you need it to generate a constant stream of well-qualified leads in order to generate sufficient turnover to achieve your objectives.

Lead generation includes all activities needed to identify and develop potential customers into fully-fledged leads. This involves all kinds of marketing and sales activities and it is, therefore, essential to have a well-thought-out process for this. Marketing Guys’ experts will be happy to help you with that!

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How do you qualify B2B leads?

For the correct qualification of leads, it is important that there is a good sales and marketing alignment. Together, the departments determine the characteristics of a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and those of a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Within B2B it first starts with attracting good quality visitors to your website. That requires a solid SEO and content marketing approach. Visitors who do not fit your profile are of a little use. You then develop the visitors that do fit into your target group through a well-thought-out conversion strategy into leads.

Based on characteristics and behaviour, you determine (by means of lead scoring) when a lead is “warm enough” to be approached by Sales.

Marketing Guys helps you with this in strategic, tactical and operational areas.

Our way of working: pragmatic approach to lead generation machine

At Marketing Guys, we like a well-thought-out approach, but not big plans. We like the pragmatic approach: Plan, Build and Execute. First of all, we draw up a 5-step plan together that we can usually implement within a week. Then we start working together on the basis of a number of campaigns (the Build phase). The KPIs are the most important and we measure these in real time. We will then optimize the campaigns on a daily basis to make them as successful as possible (the Execute phase). Does this appeal to you? Then we need to get acquainted!

Sales & marketing alignment

To make lead generation successful, the right collaboration between marketing & sales is essential. This starts with agreeing on the objectives and the target group(s): your personas. You then decide when a prospect is warm enough to be transferred to sales through marketing. This is very important, as research shows that Sales ignores 80% of Marketing leads. What a shame!

Subsequently, it is also important to continue measuring: Are the assumptions correct? Do the customers generate sufficient turnover and is any adjustment required? This is supported by many marketing technology tools, such as marketing automation and real-time dashboarding. But it starts with the strategy. Marketing Guys is your partner throughout this process!

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