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Most CMOs look for a solution that saves their organizations money, time, and effort and generates more turnover. If you are looking for a solution that is relatively quick and easy to implement, so that you can get started quickly, Act-On is your solution!

When you choose Act-On, you choose a sophisticated marketing automation software package that will give your marketing a great boost. To get the most out of your Act-On, hiring a certified partner is a good move.

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The functionalities of Act-On marketing automation software

Act-On is a package that is really made for marketeers, so you don’t need any programming knowledge to use the package. It is extremely suitable for companies in the B2B market. From one environment you can manage all your online marketing activities. Here is a short overview of the most important functionalities:

  • Email marketing: create and send your newsletters via a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Automated programs en lead nurturing: based on the customer journey of your target group, you set automated flows based on behaviour and characteristics.
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Lead scoring: gives your suspects and leads a score based on behaviour and characteristics.
  • Website prospecting: see which visitors are on your site (down to the person!).
  • Social media marketing: see what happens on your social channels and use Act-On for publication.
  • Link with CRM: out-of-the box link your Act-On with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor. Other packages are often easy to link via the existing API.
  • Reports
  • Link to online dashboarding software from Klipfolio

Act-On has a Professional and Enterprise edition, the differences are described below:

Act-on marketing automation software

Act-On sessions and training

After the purchase and implementation of Act-On, the real work begins. Then you get to work yourself from marketing, setting up campaigns and segmenting to daily monitoring and adjustment. In addition, sales users are also a very important link in the successful deployment of the Act-On package.

But sometimes you need a little extra help. In order to make a quick start or to get even more out of Act-On, we offer you a variety of sessions and trainings. We offer:


  • Marketing Automation Strategy Session. • Marketing Automation Strategy Session. This session is often used as a kick-off session at the start of an implementation process.
  • Buyer Persona Session. Who is the target group and how do you communicate with that target group?
  • Buyer Journey Session. How does the target group go through their customer journey? What are the contact moments? Which channels are used?
  • Master List Segmentation Session. Armed with the target group information, you develop a master list with a finely meshed segmentation structure.
  • Content mapping Session. Which content needs to be developed for which phase in the buyer journey? Which Call-To-Actions? Which captures need to be placed on the website?
  • Lead Nurturing Session. How do you set up lead nurturing flows for new leads, for leads that need to be re-nurtured and for existing customers? How do you set up your lead scoring?

In addition to these strategic and content-related sessions, we also offer ‘how-to’ Act-On training:

Training courses

  • Act-On training for marketing users. In this hands-on training, the marketing users of your organisation will be taught how all the functions of Act-On work. The training is very practical and therefore it is convenient to bring laptops with you, so that the attendees can get to work themselves.
  • Act-On training for sales users. During this interactive training, we explain to account managers the basics of inbound/content marketing and their role in the process. Afterwards, we pay attention to the daily use of Act-On and the role in the sales process.

Your benefits with Marketing Guys as a certified Act-On partner:

You can purchase Act-On through the website of Act-On or through a certified partner such as Marketing Guys. If you purchase Act-On through Marketing Guys, you will have a number of important advantages, which you can find below:

Local support: we have several Act-On certified specialists at Marketing Guys. We offer you support by phone and on location;
Stratetic support: We know the package inside out and are able to give you very tailored strategic advice. For example, we help with steps such as lead nurturing, lead scoring and advanced campaigns within your customer journey;
Payment per month: If you choose Managed Marketing Technology, you pay for Act-On with us per month. This option is not offered by Act-On itself;
Competitive pricing

What does Act-On Software cost?

Act-On is offered as a subscription. The software is available from approx. €700 per month if it is managed by Marketing Guys, for example within a Marketing as a service solution. The normal starting price of Act-On is €10,500 per year. In addition, the software needs to be installed and we will give you a training so that you can really get the most out of the software. This onboarding requires an investment starting at €5,000.

Connecting Act-On and Salesforce

Linking Act-On with Salesforce entails very valuable data.
That was also Hitachi’s wish. Read in the Hitachi case how Marketing Guys successfully set up a link between Act-On and Salesforce.

Interested in Act-On sessions or training sessions?

Getting help from an Act-On Certified Partner, such as Marketing Guys, makes a world of difference and speeds up the implementation and adoption process. But above all, it brings the moment of desired results closer. Investing in expert help pays off. Our Act-On customers will agree.

Marketing Guys is not only your partner for the technical implementation of the Act-On software, but we also offer you appropriate strategic and tactical advice and support, every month. This way you know you are getting the most out of Act-On to achieve your goals.

Schedule an appointment via the agenda below. Would you and your colleagues like to attend one or more Act-On sessions/training sessions? Feel free to contact us at +31(0)337370250.

P.S. You can book these sessions or training sessions even if you did not purchase the Act-On software through us.