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Certified Microsoft 365 Marketing partner

Automating the customer journey with a toolkit full of possibilities and integrations is possible with Dynamics 365 Marketing. Dynamics 365 Marketing is a relatively new player on the market. And it’s one to keep in mind! We’re fully certified to help you get the most out of the platform.

Integrated marketing module

Microsoft offers a huge amount of business tools. Almost all your processes can be set up with Microsoft tools. From sales to administration to supply chain management and therefore also marketing. Dynamics 365 Marketing is therefore a valuable addition to your Microsoft Suite. The big advantage is the various integrations. Think of the seamless CRM connection, analytics options and all the extras that Microsoft offers.

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Contact history and activity

A data-driven marketing approach starts with collecting data and acquiring the right insights with it. This is easy with Dynamics 365 Marketing. You can easily create a 360-degree view of your contact person. In one overview you can see which person shows interest in your organization and which touchpoints he has. Think of visited web pages, content downloaded, events visited and much more. Due to the integration with LinkedIn, the profile is immediately complete with all additional information that can be found about this person.


Dynamics 365 Marketing makes it easy for marketing professionals to monitor their campaign results. Which campaign scores well or which channel provides the most growth? You get this insight with this tool. To show the most important data in a dashboard, you link Dynamics 365 to PowerBI and you provide real-time insight into your results.

Customer journey

By collecting data and gaining insight into the interests or type of person, you can set up personalized campaigns that are tailored to individual visitors.

Microsoft’s advanced marketing software uses built-in analytics and customer intelligence to help send the right message to the right person at the right time. You are thus able to be relevant to your target group during the entire customer journey.

Marketing Guys as your Dynamics 365 Marketing partner

Marketing Guys is a marketing automation specialist. With this tool, too, success depends on the approach. What is the strategy? What goals do you have? What steps will you take? For this, Marketing Guys uses its roadmap to success that has already helped more than 150 companies to succeed.

Would you like to see if we can also help you with your current Dynamics 365 Marketing or do you want to purchase it? We are happy to help you! Plan a meeting in our agenda and we’ll talk soon!