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Online advertising services

Terms such as CPC, CTR and conversion ratio fly by. They are inextricably linked to online advertising. With sufficient attention and knowledge, online advertising can be a very powerful marketing tool. Our specialists think along with you, have the knowledge in-house and give the best advice on, among other things, which advertising channels work best for you and which budget you need to be able to advertise. In advance, we take a baseline measurement and draw up a plan to steer you towards your objective. As your partner in online success, we will provide you with appropriate advice and do everything possible to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Specialist in online advertising

The possibilities within online advertising are infinite. A campaign can be devised for virtually any budget and objective. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the best-known and most frequently used advertising channels. At Marketing Guys, you will find all advertising specialists under one roof and a wide range of online advertising:


With search engine advertising, you reach your target group that is currently looking for a solution, product or service.


Programmatic buying is an advanced form of display advertising and one of the fastest growing developments in online advertising.


Bring your product or service to the attention of the right target group based on the information in the profiles on Facebook.


Advertising in the Google Display Network: a fast and effective way to generate brand awareness with attractive banners.


Google Remarketing ensures that potential customers who have visited your website are reached again and tempted to return to your website.


LinkedIn is pre-eminently the advertising channel for business services. Reach your target group on the basis of specific characteristics.

Want to get support with your online advertising?

Marketing Guys has already supported more than 100 organizations with the choice, implementation and successful deployment of online advertising. Please contact us to make an appointment: