Online marketing strategy

The basis for success

A forward-looking strategy

With only a website and occasional content placement, you will not achieve your online marketing goals. There is much more to it than that. To be successful as a company or organisation on the internet, you need an online marketing strategy. To create this, up-to-date knowledge of the online possibilities is indispensable. Combining that knowledge with business experience is what we do best. How do you use all these resources cleverly to achieve your goal?

Whether you’re in B2B, B2C, an e-shop or a non-profit organisation, we help you find the best approach! In doing so, we use traditional marketing theories such as the Porter and AIDA model, but also the latest insights into the field of online strategy.

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How do you define the optimal online marketing strategy

An online marketing strategy is a derivative of the broader business strategy. In order to give shape to the online variant, we work with a number of models:

  • Google’s See-think-do-care model
  • Het Marketing Guys 5-step plan
  • The AIDA model

We jointly look at the objectives set for the organisation. We translate these into approx. 5 online objectives. More is possible but remember: what is it really about? Our experience shows that having too many KPIs leads to a clutter of information.

Target groups and content
We then look at the target groups and the content needs that are present at every layer within the AIDA model: the Awareness phase requires a different approach than the Action phase. We often carry out additional persona research, which enables us to visualise the target group on a personal level.

Online channels
Afterwards, we visualise the online channels. How do you reach that target group with the right content? You could use channels such as your website, e-mail marketing, paid advertising, referral marketing, influencers and social media.

Conversion strategy
Finally, together we determine the best conversion strategy. This is not cast in stone but requires continuous refinement. This includes issues such as A/B testing, heat mapping and measuring the various conversion options.

What does a complete online marketing strategy consist of?

Each part of the online marketing strategy offers good insights and added value, but they also fit together seamlessly. As a combination, the added values reinforce each other. In the overview we give each component a short introduction.


An online marketing strategy that you can use immediately. We know what you as a marketing manager need today. We create a marketing roadmap in 2 half-days.

B2B marketing

Unlike B2C marketing, no products or services are sold to consumers, but to a person working for an organisation.

Buyer journey

The buyer journey is the path that a potential customer takes. As a marketer, it is essential to have insight into this customer journey that your potential customer takes.


The strategy includes consultancy to match the well-thought-out mix of different marketing technology tools to your objectives and help you achieve them.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the online process whereby potential customers are drawn to the website by the means of pull marketing through the creation of relevant content.

Our working method: working together towards the best online marketing strategy

We like to work in co-creation with our clients. That means we start with a brainstorm, preferably at an external location. That’s where you get the best ideas. We will challenge you and ask you confrontational questions. Together with you, we will come up with the best approach. You know your market and products best; we know the online possibilities. Stupid questions do not exist, only stupid answers.

Advantages of an online marketing strategy

A clear roadmap
Refreshing plan of action
Clear KPIs
A basis for online success

From online marketing strategy to daily control and adjustment

In order for the strategy to work in the way we want it to, we need to understand the figures on a daily basis. We provide a real-time dashboard with the KPIs we have determined. This dashboard can then be hung on the wall on a screen. We also offer you expertise remotely, pro-actively towards you but also as a point of contact for your specific online questions. When can we help you?

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